“Quality of his work is superior to average.
He is very efficient with time, always responding to client's needs on the agreed timeframe.”

Carmen Albertos

Inter-American Development Bank

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“Juan Luis is a Renaissance man who connects, nurtures,challenges, makes me laugh, and always gets the job done -- on time and expertly. He is the single best translator from whose work I have benefited in thirty years in the international field.”

Courtney Mireille O’Connor
 International Jurist

“Juan Luis Guillen has a deep understanding of the nuances of Latin American culture and its integration into American society.  He leverages this knowledge to develop web content that draws in individuals and resonates with readers.  With the growth, both in numbers and in economic buying power, of the young Latino population in the United States, Juan Luis has the necessary skills that many businesses are searching for.”

Jim Alexander

Maggio & Kattar

“Juan is a true professional with great attention to detail, intellectual rigor, and a passion for getting things done. He's been a trusted colleague and partner.”

Nathaniel Heller

Global Integrity

"Juan Luis has many talents. I gathered a group of my wine connoisseur friends from around the globe to sample what he had to offer. The wine tours, the accommodations and the meals, were simply unforgettable.
Juan Luis shines at hosting!”

James Wagner

Lawyer and Restauranteur

“Juan Luis es una mente inquieta y activa. Además de trabajador incansable tiene un espíritu aventurero y una gran capacidad de motivación hacia los demás”.

Marife Ortiz,


"He is always up to trying something new, and then he gets the rest of us to try it too - and, it's often educational, usually loads of fun, always interesting!"

Sean Carroll

Creative Associates International

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"Juan Luis Guillen is not just able to communicate in multiple languages effectively interpreting and translating, he is a leader in the field. It is his combination of language skills and experience with multiple media outlets that gives him the know how to devise and carry out communications strategies and tactics to excellence."

Alice Jay